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Certification is the process by which a public procurement professional demonstrates a standard of competency for the benefit of the public.


Certification reflects established standards and competencies for those engaged in governmental procurement and communicates to management, stakeholders, and the taxpayer that the public employee has reached a specific level of education and experience and is knowledgeable about governmental procurement.


Professional certifications available to chapter members include:

  • NIGP-CPP (NIGP Certified Procurement Professional) which is administered by The Institute for Public Procurement. For more information, please visit: NIGP-CPP Certification.



Arkansas Chapter of NIGP (ARNIGP) is a professional association dedicated to providing networking opportunities, professional development, updates on legislation, assistance with attaining professional certifications, and other services to public procurement professionals representing governmental entities, including state, municipalities, counties, higher education, school districts, transit, airports, utilities, and more across the State of Arkansas.

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